We really value feedback from our clients, not to toot our own horn but we are pleased to share some of the many positive feedback we get. Word of mouth is our best referral source. A pat on the back, is often all it takes for us to strive harder to exceed expectations. Rest assured, all testimonials are real, and none of the clients were coaxed or bribed!

Yelp Reviews

“Love Preet and Irene. They are the best! I hear horror stories of kids and the dentist and thank god that I don’t have to worry about that. My kids actually look forward to their visits! The sweetest people ever. Well worth the 35+ min drive.” -D.V. of Hayward, CA

“The minute a stepped foot in Dr. Sahota’s office I felt welcomed and cared for.  My daughter and I have been patients for over 3 years and we plan to be patients for the next 20 plus!” -Michelle B. of San Francisco, CA

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Demand Force Reviews

“Preet and her staff gave me by FAR the best dental experience EVER IN MY LIFE! She is incredibly informative and conscientious of my time and needs, both physical and emotional. I feel deeply heard and appreciated.” -Robert G.

“I loved the bright natural light of the office, the friendly and relaxing atmosphere created by Irene and Preet and the personalized attention to my oral and general health. I didn’t realize a dentist appointment could be such a wonderful experience!” – Rebecca K.

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From Kids, With Love

“The most gratifying work we do is working with kids, they make us lovely drawings and can’t wait to come back. This little child never fails to bring her little Pooh along to each well check appointment. Nothing beats being ‘kid approved’!” – Preet K. Sahota D.D.S

Shouting from the Rooftops

OK, I will try not to get too mushy!

When I was telling a close friend that I needed some dental work done and that I had some absolutely horrible experiences with different dentists over the years she immediately recommended Preet. My friend could not say enough good things about her, almost to the point that it was starting to sound unbelievable!

Well now I am the one that wants to get up on the roof tops and shout her praises! The woman is unbelievable, honestly! First off, I have never been to a dentist that keeps a comment book on the reception counter. There are so many wonderful comments from so many different patients that it just boggles the mind. I told her she should just scan all the pages and put it on the website!

Anyway, back to me. I live in San Rafael and I am very happy to drive the hour down to see her in Fremont. Preet has done fillings, crowns, minor surgery and cleanings for me with very minimal discomfort. She is the most caring and compassionate dentist I have ever been to. And her work and skill level is extraordinary. Dentistry is her passion, she is simply the best!

Peter Shaeffer, San Rafael, CA

And we did heed to Peter’s advice, here are some pages out of our guest book…

TMJ Pain Relief

Preet Sahota was the first medical practitioner to recognize that my chronic pain wasn’t “in my head”, that it was real pain … and without me having to say anything. She was the first doctor to ask me questions that assembled into a clear picture of the source of my pain — something I had sought over 13 years and 50 different kinds of doctors without success. Having worked with her for two months now, I no longer suffer with the headaches and neckaches that were a daily part of my life for over 14 years. I am grateful to her for her superior care, high standard of excellence in her work (she sought out ways to improve outcomes and pursued them twice!) and her interesting explanations of how the problem had been created. She’s open-minded, funny, and truly interested in understanding patients from a holistic perspective. I have enjoyed getting to know her and am delighted to find her to take care of me and my loved ones.

Alison R. (July 2007)

From Stephani


Stephani Morgan, Ph.D., Religious Studies, UC Berkeley. She is a inspiration to the Smile Matters team.

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August 2, 2014