As I travel through this privileged journey we call, the human life, I can’t help but live in gratitude. Knowing that when “Life” was created, it was not designed to see doctors, being one, puts me in a very special position and I don’t take this honor lightly. As I broaden my expertise daily ( hence, the name, private practice!), I am continually intrigued and humbled by the elegance, intricacies, and the miracles of nature.

This, I Believe: My Philosophy

As a mere human, trying to restore a state of “dis-ease” ( disease ) to a state of “ease”, I struggle to come a close second…. The endeavor, then re-directs towards prevention and conservative restoration, if needed. That endeavor, thus makes each one of my patients (my guests, really), my partners, in being a guardian of their privileged well being, making me merely an expert guide and caregiver.

Smiles Matter

A smile is a universal language, a smile can befriend, relieve stress, release endorphins and beg attention! At my practice, humor is important, we like to induce laughter, create reasons to smile and inspire people to smile for no reason. When people overcome dental phobia and no longer need sedatives, can live pain free, with improved self-esteem, we witness life altering moments. When smiles are enhanced (Cosmetic and orthodontic smile makeovers) and chronic pain related to TMD is alleviated, hugs and tears are commonplace. A smile is one curve that can set things straight!

Matters of the Smile

As mentioned in our Mission statement, my goal is to stay current with technology that helps me deliver care painlessly and efficiently, with minimal collateral damage. Digital radiography, Lasers, CAD CAM technology, digital software and Ultra low frequency Trans Electrical Neural Stimulation (TENS) help deliver restorative dentistry conservatively. All the advents of science are used to work with nature, not against it.

Touching upon prevention again, it cannot be emphasized enough. Oral cancer screenings every six months and screenings for sleep disordered breathing, along with sleep apnea can, not only, prolong, but also improve the quality of life. The role of a dentist in helping diagnose chronic systemic diseases is often under-estimated. The oral-systemic link is very well established, it is no surprise, since the body is a contiguous entity.

As a principal, my goal is always to seek the cause and treat it, and not get distracted by treating merely the symptoms. If it means tracking a symptom back to immune system, the hormone imbalance, airway compromise or posture issues, I don’t shy away from delving into it. All attempts are made to work synergistically with Physicians, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Myofunctional Therapists, Physical therapists and Nutritionists, to help our guests smile. Due to immense side effects, usage of drugs is limited to judicious necessity, as with Surgery.

Every patient needs customized care, to ensure that, for most part, I do not double book the appointments. This helps me to focus and get to know my patients very well and vice versa. It is imperative for me to build trust and a rapport before I am entrusted with the matters of each special smile! That is the KEY for my ability to get positive results with ease, which can be only achieved if “high quality” is the focus, not “high volume”.

The bottom line is, every smile matters, laughter, they say,  is the best medicine, so indulge, get happy and be well !!

With a perspective and smiles,

Preet Sahota D.D.S.