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Pure Power Mouthguard ( PPM )

Wonder what Shaquille O’Neal, Terrell Owens, Bode Miller, Manny Ramirez, the Canadian Women’s ice hockey team and the New Orlean Saints have in common?  Apart from being in the league of their own, they are all taking advantage of Neuromuscular dentistry to optimize the upper body strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, airway and blood flow to the brain.  They all use the PPM !

How does it work?

At its most efficient, the human body is properly aligned from top down. For most of us, jaw alignment and head posture is sub-optimal, resulting in “short circuits” that impede performance.  The PPM works by bringing your jaw into alignment position optimized for performance which allows increased efficiency and decreased fatigue.  Instant improvements in balance, range of motion, flexibility, and explosive strength, training endurance and recovery!

The PPM is a custom fitted appliance offered by certified dentists with extensive advanced training in neuromuscular dentistry, as Dr. Sahota is. Simple tests can be performed to screen if one is a candidate, which is followed by impressions of upper and lower teeth.  Customized bites are taken depending on the level of PPM mouth guard selected by the athlete and is fitted.

PPM Product Line

PPM Key: Entry level power guard designed for use across a broad spectrum of recreational and amateur athletes looking to jump start their game.

PPM 1.0: Offers intermediate level of performance enhancement through an alignment process that involves relaxation of jaw muscles.

PPM ELITE: For professionals and competitive athletes at the highest levels, the PPM is a must. Through a custom fitting process involving sophisticated computerized measurements accurate to within 1 mm the PPL Elite provides the highest level of performance improvement.

PPM Signature Series: In addition to the highly specialized diagnostics of the PPM Elite, the PPM Signature Series products are specially designed in co-ordination with all-time greats who demand the highest of performance.

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PPM Sports Mouthguard