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Dental Implants, an alternative to bridges, are a great way to replace missing teeth without compromising the quality of adjacent teeth. They feel like a real tooth since the titanium implant fuses to the jaw bone and is restored with a porcelain crown, for great function and appearance. Careful case selection, planning and follow through is done to ensure success. More information can be provided during the consultation.


Sometimes, due to a case by case situation, bridges are made, essentially to replace a missing tooth with a crown that is supported with crowns on the two adjacent teeth. They can be difficult to clean and are not recommended if the adjacent have little or no restorations since they will have to be drilled down to make room for the supporting crowns.

The term Cosmetic Dentistry, also called Aesthetic Dentistry, applies to any procedure that enhances your smile and improves your overall appearance. This covers a broad range of possible treatments ranging from tooth whitening to complete reconstruction of your teeth and even applies to improvement in the appearance of dentures.

Benefits for a Pleasing Smile

One of the obvious benefits of a beautiful smile is the satisfaction that it brings you – it makes you feel better about yourself and boosts your self-confidence. Recent studies have also shown conclusively that a pleasing smile makes others feel that you are more attractive, intelligent and successful. Modern Cosmetic Dentistry can be a life-changing experience.


This is a means of lightening discolored or stained teeth without altering the shape of the teeth in any way. This may be done in the office or by means of take-home whitening kits.


Veneers are ultra-thin, custom made porcelain facings that we can bond to the tooth structure to give it a durable and esthetic appearance. This procedure may need minimal removal of tooth structure to get a good bond and to make sure the veneer does not look too bulky. It’s a great way to rejuvenate your smile if there are pre-existing fillings that don’t blend in, have chipped or worn teeth or have a dark internal stain that cannot be eliminated by teeth whitening.

The Benefits of Veneers include:

  • They don’t discolor with age like natural teeth
  • Minor gaps and overlaps can disappear
  • Multiple teeth can be corrected at the same time
  • Improve the brightness and shade of dark, dull teeth
  • Custom made for each patient’s desires
  • Longer lasting than composite fillings


Often used to fill spaces or to repair chips, gaps, or tooth shape. The composite material is bonded to your tooth and then reshaped and polished for optimal function and appearance.

Filling & Inlays

Composite material to match your tooth color may be used in place of silver/mercury amalgam fillings. Porcelain inlays are also color matched and save more tooth structure than crowns.


Used to protect fractured or damaged teeth from further damage, porcelain onlays also match the tooth color. They extend over the cusps of the teeth and save more tooth structure than a crown. Moderate to large silver-mercury fillings, if cracked, leaky or decayed can be replaced with “partial crowns” i.e., onlays without compromising the healthy tooth structure. These can be made of porcelain or gold. We restore teeth with porcelain, conservatively, restoring the tooth to ideal strength, function and natural appearance.

Bridges & Implants

To fill a space where teeth are missing, a bridge – two or more crowns and an artificial tooth may be used. Newer technology uses a titanium implant in the jawbone that supports the artificial porcelain tooth.

Porcelain Crowns

After removing badly damaged fillings or decayed tooth or after a root canal treatment or a cracked tooth, a toothlike “cap” is cemented in place.  Crowns can be matched to your tooth color for natural appearance and function. Crowns offer full coverage protection to a tooth that has very little or no tooth structure left, due to decay, cracks, and trauma or after root canal treatment to save the remaining root and tooth. Generally, we make crowns from Porcelain for a natural appearance and blending in with the remaining teeth. They can also be fabricated from Gold and the porcelain can be fused to the metal on the inside. The safe bio-mimetic materials for crowns are – Porcelain and Zirconia.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Restoring all of the teeth is called a “full mouth reconstruction”. Usually elected when major changes to your bite are required, one of the benefits of this procedure is that it allows you and the dentist latitude in pre-selecting the size, shape, and arrangement of your teeth to achieve the desired aesthetics and optimized function.


New procedures with virtually invisible appliances can often be used in place of the traditional metal braces.

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