Unsung Heroes

This photo journal is dedicated to all the Master  Lab Technicians of the planet, for making smile restorations possible. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. And a special thanks to Michael Leinsinger, of Germany.

Here goes, through Michael’s lens :

    In Michael’s words –

  • “It all starts with an impression. But when I see it, I know there is a patient. I see the genius work from the dentist. And then I see the new tooth. I can start to work.
  • The white powder (plaster) tells me at all times – I have to work softly. Plaster and water, precision & aesthetic, yin & yang.
  • All machines are only tools. We must use it. We must know what we want. Only then can something extraordinary result. New natural teeth.
  • Everything comes what was previously thought of us. We can invent something. We can also simply copy nature. Or we can learn from nature.
  • To feel colors. This is true art.
  • All we need to produce something. For me, every part is very important. We have to love it. I also mean the incidental things. It is our life. Every minute, every second. Everything we do.
  • Enjoy the work. Enjoy all the finer things in life. And you rejoice in it to share it with your fellow man.
  • And if your work has been used. The patient is happy. Might end up a little material. A little reminder, of great importance for you. Because only you know where to find the other half of the material. And thus the circle is closed.”