Holistic Dentistry

We treat the whole person, not just the teeth, we look at the big picture, with a wide angle lens as well as microscopic loupes. We believe, everything is connected, within our bodies and the Universe. Holistic dentistry is an integrated, functional approach, that focuses on identifying causes and connecting the dots. Healing equals homeostasis. It’s the harmony of mind, body, and soul, both internally and externally.

In tangible terms, this is how we accomplish it –

  • Customized client-centered care, we are ‘merely’ well-trained guides, playing a supportive role.
  • Prevention. Preservation. Reconstruction. Focus on the cause, not just the symptoms.

Biological dentistry, using bio-compatible, non-toxic materials.

  • Conservative, but comprehensive. Minimal artificial interference. Less is more.
  • Epigenetics : Special focus on genetics and environmental interaction.
  • Nutrition : Food is medicine, our mantra.
  • Oral-Systemic Links (mouth body connections is a bit of a joke, everything is connected in the human body, the mouth is not a foreign detached region).
  • Reducing Toxicity : Mercury Free and Mercury Safe (yes, there is a difference!).
    • Safe removal of Mercury protocol www.IOAMT.org
    • BPA and BIS-GMA free composite fillings. MSDS available.
    • Fluoride-free – Fluoride in drinking water is literally an overkill, we can tell you why!
  • High Tech : Technology is our friend. It’s all about how we choose to use it or abuse it.
  • Eco-values at work. We wear our Green Biz certification as a badge of honor.
  • Nature rules – our thumb rule!
  • Karma Karma Karma. We swear by it!
  • Listening, caring, using music and humor are an integral part of healing.

Wheeling and dealing in healing is something we do well, with a  humane approach. Technology and modern medicine has a lot to offer, sometimes the application is misguided. There is no perfect system, we can learn from every school of thought. Healing is impossible without connecting the dots, especially without the caregiver connecting with the client in a humane way. While the layers and connections can be complicated, it’s simple in many ways. Ultimately, it’s not about believing or saying, it’s all about “doing” and “being”. In the words of my favorite Poet and Philosopher, from Punjab, India…

” Highest is the truth, and higher still is truthful living ”
– Guru Nanak Dev Ji. 1469 A.D.- 1539 A.D.

Holistic Dentistry