Fremont Mercury Free Fillings and Restorations

Smile Matters offers restorative dentistry with Mercury Free Fillings and Restorations

Mercury-Free Fillings

Small to moderate decay or old restorations with recurring decay can be restored to health with tooth colored resins called composites. They are made from non-toxic, bio-compatible materials, and have the light activated set. They are polished to a high finish and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance. It’s important to note that we use BPA-free, BIS-GMA free composites. MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheets) are available and we work closely with your physician helping out with heavy metal detoxification and identify allergens.

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Mercury Safe

Our office follows the safety protocol recommended by Amalgam Mercury manufacturers and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (I.A.O.M.T) during the removal of old restorations. Drilling old Silver Mercury fillings generates heat and transforms Mercury into vapor form, which can be inhaled not just by the patient but it’s an occupational hazard for the Dental Team. Mercury is a known poison in its elemental form. Much controversy surrounds the safety of an alloy of Silver, Copper, Tin mixed with Mercury.

It’s not only unsightly, but it also tends to expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth over time. These alloys tend to last a long time, often the tooth structure shatters but the fillings remain intact. The risk of the patient swallowing a broken piece of mercury alloy is a grave one. American Dental Association, most Dental Schools as well as Food and Drug Administration have approved them to be used in human mouths. EPA or Environment Protection Agency and OSHA do not deem it safe to allow drainage in regular wastewater or regular garbage.

Leftover filling material after the dental team is done packing them in the patient’s teeth have to be properly disposed of in a RED container marked ” Biohazardous waste”. Our philosophy is this- since we have better materials that mimic nature and since handling and removing this poison containing alloy exposes the patient, team and the environment to potential harm, it’s prudent to go an extra mile towards being Mercury Safe. While the heated debates continue, we lay our faith in the old adage-” when in doubt, don’t !”

Following are the precautions we take for safe and effective removal –
1. High Volume ventilation and evacuation hood in the operatory.
2. Latex-free rubber dam isolation of the working field in the patient’s mouth.
3. Pre and post-rinse with Chlorella that binds elemental Mercury vapors.
4. Continuous oxygen delivery to the patient during treatment.
5. Proper respirator masks, gowns, protective hand cream and gloves for the team’s safety.
6. Amalgam Mercury separator for the wastewater is in place in our office. It prevents Mercury contamination of the Bay and wastewater recycling plant. Heavy metals need to prevent from entering our food chain and immediate ecosystems. That’s also part of being a Green Business.

Please feel free to contact us for more details on safe fillings or removal in our office. Your safety matters to us.