Eco savvy values

As we strive to leave a lasting impact on the smiles we care for, we definitely want to have a minimal impact on the environment.  We are proud to be earth friendly.

As a Green Certified Business, here are some of the little steps we take to make a difference in decreasing our carbon footprint:

  • Energy efficiency: All office equipment is energy efficient and are turned off when not in use.
  • Digital records: We use electronic records for efficiency and to decrease paper use
  • Digital X-Rays: All radio-graphs taken here are digital decreasing the radiation exposure to the patients by 90% and eliminating the need for disposing of chemicals that are used to process the traditional radiographs.
  • Steam Sterilization: All dental instruments are sterilized using the steam and high pressure, making it earth friendly. All other chemicals and soaps used in the office are biodegradable.
  • Mercury Filter: Our office complies with Alameda County’s recommendation of a special filter for separating mercury that is drilled out (during dental filling removal) from the water that ends up draining into the Bay.
  • Judicious Use: All effort is made to make the appointments in a way, so the use of disposables is minimized.
  • Recycling: We recycle and purchase recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Spreading the Word: We encourage our guests to be thoughtful about the environment and encourage all to offset their carbon footprint, especially those who travel some distances to come see us.