The Myomonitor and the BNS-40 (the home treatment unit) are FDA approved devices, that are backed by a history of safe and effective use since 1966. The only fixed rate device of its kind that provides true bi-lateral (both sides), simultaneous stimulation of once every 1.5 seconds or 40 times a minute. The myomonitor is a battery operated device delivers a mild electrical stimulus to the jaw muscles via neural pathways. The stimulus induces involuntary contraction of the muscles controlled by the 5th Cranial nerve (Facial nerve) and  the 7th Cranial nerve ( Trigeminal nerve). This leads to true relaxations of the muscles.

The muscles of the face and neck are often “programmed” to control the head and mandibular (lower jaw) posture in a way that it accommodates the bite (occlusion), even though a particular bite may not be ideal. Once the fatigued or tense muscles are relaxed, a a true resting position is determined to which the bite can be re-aligned.

A very important secondary use of low frequency stimulation is to achieve a drug free pain relief of pain of muscular origin.

The J5 model we use, has two sets of leads, and offers the ability to stimulate four sites simultaneously. The first lead is used on the face and the second lead set is used when postural influences on the bite are present.

The state of teeth and joint, airway compromises, very often cause the muscles to accomodate. The blood supply, nerve supply and muscle status cannot be ignored when addressing function or dysfunction present in a patient presenting with facial pain, neck pain, clicking, popping and painful jaw joints, ringing in the ears, severely worn down teeth, tori, sensitive teeth in absence of teeth infections and anxiety/insomnia often  present in TMD.

Myomonitor J5