Farewell, Ma.

Sat Sri Akaal
(Truth is Timeless)

My heart is full with love and gratitude for the Universe, for I have experienced the birthing of my daughter and the dying of my mother.

Farewell, Ma.
What an honor to be your first born, Ma. I’d do this all over again in a heartbeat, and not change a thing. It was all perfect just the way it was. It was, it is and it will be. In the realm of living in the “Hukum” (Divine Ordain), there are either blessings or blessings in disguise. It’s seeing the half empty glass, half full and also experiencing the empty half without judgement.

Together we found order in disorder, understanding in misunderstanding and ease in disease. We conquered when we surrendered. We found abundant love, only after calling off the search. We found there is science in the conscience and that science without it, is a con.

Together we churned the sweet lies and the bitter truth with many hours of meditation, to find the lies to be bitter and the truth, sweet. It is not death, but it is this sweet TRUTH that set us (both) free. We stopped asking ‘why am I dying’ and started asking ‘vich duniya kahey aaya, vich duniya kahey aaya?’ – Asa Di Vaar (why did you come into this world, why did you come into this world?).


As each dawn breaks, I sob to the ascending rhythms of Asa Di Vaar ( a Sikh meditation prayer sung to very specific ‘Raagas’ of Indian classical music ) and dissolve into absolute stillness as the day unfolds.

I miss you already.

You stood fair and tall, wrapped in grace and dignity
I am your shadow

You were boxed in
So I could break the mold

You were a pacifist
So I could be an activist

You were quiet
So I could be your voice

You were creative
I am your work of art

Your shoes fit me
But I can never fill them

I am because you were
You are because I am, I am

I could hear you, when you no longer could speak
You could feel me, when you no longer could see

I am because you were
You are because I am, you are

Farewell my soulmate, farewell, Ma.

[My Ma, Simrit passed away listening to Asa Di Vaar at 5.55 am on Nov 21, steeped in love, prayers and morphine. May her soul rest in peaceful eternity.]

With prayers and gratitude,

N.B. : “Asa di Vaar” means Ode to Hope. Asa is hope and Vaar is Ode. “Asa” is also the name of the specific Raaga, the verses are sung to, specifically in the morning.

  1. Well deserved tribute to a noble soul. Simrit Ji has completed this life’s journey and moved forward with her eternal soul in the process of transformation per God’s WILL. We will miss Simrit ji during our remaining journey but NOT forget the time and space spent together in this material World.. May God Almighty rest your soul in peace in your heavenly abode. In prayers, Sukhi.

  2. Our love and condolences from my whole family!

  3. What a beautiful tribute, thank you so much for sharing this with us and allowing me the privilege to get to know the great woman who was and always will be your Ma. Know that Kofi and I continue to keep you and your loved ones in prayer.

    • Thank you, Ericka and Kofi. I am thrilled to hear about the good news, sending you both much love and light, Preet

  4. So touching..I cried. Your bond with her is all pervading and eternal.Its pure love.

  5. Although I never met your mother, I’ve had the sincerest pleasure to be acquainted with one of her greatest creations. We share much, including the physical loss of our mothers recently and the curiosity of life and the Universe, but, greater than that, the realization that their essence and physical embodiment was the manifestation of a spiritual movement, that continues as us, their children, and with us all. May our family’s support and deepest condolences help wipe away your tears.

    • Thank you, Joe Ray.
      You know the last words Ma wrote were a ‘thank you’ note to Shannon. The cancer was truly a gift. Ever since her diagnosis, the Universe brought her in contact with the most loving souls and she received exactly what she needed, love and prayers. I am so grateful to Shannon, Adam and Madelyn and the entire Worlds Yoga family. I wish people would meditate more and medicate less.

  6. Dr. Preet, This was so moving and beautiful. I could feel your love your mom. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  7. So beautiful Preet. I am so sorry for your loss but also comforted by your glass half full. I am so glad you had some time with your mom and such a special closeness. We are thinking and praying for you and your family. Much love,

    Patty, Patrick and Jeffrey

  8. I am very very sorry for your loss… I cannot imagine how painful it must be for you all and your mom. May the time heal the pain.

  9. Dr. Sahota,

    I am sorry for your loss. I too lost my mother many years ago and I truly understand how you feel. May the fond memories and her teachings comfort you and guide you in your life. Your eulogy was beautiful.

    Chiquita Tuttle

  10. Preet our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Hold close to your heart all the beautiful memories as those will never go away and will help ease your pain. Love Bill and. Kathy

  11. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family… May you feel God’s love and his strength to carry you now.

    With our love,
    The Morales family.

  12. Preet , our deepest condolences. May your soul find peace during this difficult time. Estevan & Ysabella send you a warm hug … Your words you sent your ma off with were truly beautiful.
    Peace & blessings to you and your family.
    The Villegas Family

  13. Sending you love and light my friend. May your life be blessed by amazing people and experiences that make you smile and remember your mother and her love for you.

  14. Well spoken from a grieving yet beautiful heart. May your Ma find peace in the place where everything is perfect and happy.

  15. I am very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family during these difficult times.

  16. Dr. Preet,

    Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs. My heart goes out to you and your family. God Bless

    LIFE: So Fragile
    LOSS: So Sudden
    HEART: So Broken

  17. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. May your memories and the bond that you still share help to ease your pain as you continue on. Love, Amy

  18. Darla and I are sending prayers to you and your family. We are so sorry for your loss. I do love that you call her “Ma”, it’s what I call my mom too. Your poem was as beautiful as she was (love the picture). Again, our prayers are with your family.
    Dave and Darla

  19. Preet, that was a beautiful and moving eulogy. May she rest in peace.


  20. may her soul rest in peace I have no words right now Preety but ur words have said it all its hard for me to say anything to u but stay strong and ur a strong daughter of a strong mother tc prayers to u and ur family

  21. Preeti you are strong because you are on the path of realization,of spirituality and knowledge.”Truth will set you free “, no one knows that more than you,My wish and prayer for you is that you continue on your quest,discover your truth.Stay unshakeable, stay unmoving.Lots of love!

  22. Dear Preet – so sorry for the late condolences. Sounds like your mata ji died fighting in true Sikh spirit – and your poetic tribute to her adds the sweetness of your undying love –

  23. My dear sis…you are the image of mamiji.We pray God gives you strength to find comfort in loving memories of her.

  24. Beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

  25. I really like that old picture, reminds me of old country and some old memories, May almighty God Grant her Jenna. Insha Allah.

  26. Beautiful words for beautiful soul. I call my mother “ma” as well & she has had breast cancer twice with a recent scare. I am glad you got to spend special, close time with her. May you and your family find peace and strength with all the great memories.

  27. Beautiful and touching, the strength and forbearance shines through… I had no idea and neither did my parents, deeply shocked and saddened. Amazing to see all of you facing this with such courage. RIP Simrat Aunty

  28. As “Truth is Timeless,” so is “Hope” (‘Asa’) “Eternal.”

    Your “Ode” (‘Var’) to a selfless soul who has journeyed to eternity speaks of your hope in attaining the truth… in timelessness.

  29. Such a befitting tribute to your beautiful mother… My mother and I were honored to have met her.
    Our prayers for the departed soul and condolences to the Khera family.
    Sincere regards,
    Arjot & Balli Sandhu

    • Thank you, Arjot. She loved your photography, and loved seeing women going up against the glass ceilings. Rock on, sister! Love, Preet

  30. Dear Preet, I am very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult times.

  31. Dear Preet,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences to the family.

    • Thank you, JS Veerji. You did not know her, but just so you know, she loved your photographs. Especially the Turkish Sufi dancers….
      Art transcends all barriers. Thank you for what you do.
      Love, Preeti

  32. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your perspective is inspiring and uplifting. It has been remarkable to “watch” you go through this with passion, mindfulness, appreciation, and purpose. Thinking of you constantly. Much love.

    • Thank you, Angelic.
      It’s truly a blessing to have such amazing clients, I am really proud of the Smile Matters family. I love transparency, it feels clear and light.
      Love, Preet

  33. I am deeply glad to finally read this and embrace the beauty of a passing in such grace and mindfulness. My father just died a week ago of pneumonia, and I feel so alone in being joyful for his short difficulty and rather painless passing. W his family surrounded him as he went in love, prayers, calm, and morphine…
    I now have a eulogy to write and share out loud, and I feel honored to be the one to speak of him and all he was able to give to me and to what he valued in life…
    See you soon Preet, for our appointment…