The “C” word

      Earlier this month, my mother was diagnosed with a life threatening cancer. As we began this journey of integrative healing, she urged us not to say the “C” word in her presence, due to the sheer fear it strikes. I share this personal struggle and suffering as an opportunity for contemplation and conversations.

The “C” word, a poem.

Contained in a cellular construct,
chromosomes, a cache of cool coils of complicated connections,
conduct communications to a cadence of compelling certitude.
They carve caverns, through cesspools of chemicals and all….
to create a canvas, with calm calculations and this capacity to catenate.

Coaxed by our commands, the circuits complete, to a carefully crafted conciliation.
Then, circumstantial chicanes crop up, with or without a cautionary call,
with camouflaged causes.
A case of classic con.
Cells capsize.
The caving into a caustic cesspool commences,
only to clutch on to the cloak of cloudy conundrum.

Some care, others only care to capitalize on the circumstances.
This circus circumvents into a colossal chasm,
created by the confusion and chaos.

Only a concerted clarity of curing the causes,
will convert these cells to their coordinates of calm construct.
Concepts of courage, compassion and comprehensive care,
and those of collaboration, curiosity and clarity are at the core.

The culture of complacency is clearly costing us.
One choice is to conform and concede.
Or we could consider colliding with the causes.
The choice is clear, cure the causes, cure the catastrophe.

Can we cure the cause ? We can, sir!

Commence with collaborating with the community – shall we?

Cancer Prevention Awareness via Craft – The Color Purple project

On the inspiration board, in our practice, we invite our guests to share their experiences and open dialogue, regarding cancer. According to the WHO, 1 in 3 people will get a fatal malignancy in their lifetime. Present day conventional treatments remain dismal, with just as many fatalities due to the “side-effects syndrome”. Conventional treatment focuses on surgery, radiation and chemotherapy with marginal emphasis on nailing the cause down. It focuses mainly on the pathological lesion with a aggressive, gunshot approach, not the ‘cancer process’. Prevention, early detection are clearly very important, the dismal success rate of treatment is (also) attributed to detection of tumors at a very advanced metastatic stage. Modern medicine is reactive, not proactive. It’s a failure at the individual level and a systemic failure.



The interaction of DNA with the environmental factors ( Epigenetics ) has been implicated as the cause of these uncontrolled, highly organized cellular multiplications, we call cancer. It’s important to understand, that cancer is not just a pathological lesion, but a process, it’s a symptom of the body’s inability to sustain homeostasis and healing due to a whole host of causes. These environmental factors that switch on the DNA mutations and cellular dysfunction are :

*Poor breathing ( snoring, congestion, sleep apnea, poor technique, air pollution)
*Poor nutrition ( weak immune system, excessive sugar and processed foods, heavily meat centered diets, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)
*Sleep deprivation, disrupted sleep patterns
*Chronic inflammation
*Sedentary lifestyle
*Genetics (only 5 % of all cancers, the rest, 95% are environmental)
*Chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, petrochemicals, heavy metals etc.)
*Radiation (both ionizing and non-ionizing)
*Hormonal imbalance
*Vitamin D deficiency
*Viruses (e.g.,Human Papilloma Virus/Cervical cancer)
*Bacerial (e.g., H. Pylori in stomach cancer)
*Prescription drugs (chemotherapy)
*Chronic trauma(physical, and yes, emotional too!)
* ‘Karma’- Personal and Collective. Blaming it on ‘bad luck’ is a myopic strategy. It’s all about cause and effect.

The list goes on, it’s exhaustive. It’s important to note that a genetic inheritance of a cancer causing gene has the ‘potential’ to cause cancer, but the factors listed above have to switch the gene on. The genes are not fatal, it’s our lifestyle choices. What we sow, we reap.

The cure:
The cure must focus on restoring proper cellular physiology, with organic, bio-available nutrients along with regular detoxification. Being sustainable and green is not negotiable. Any treatment that has adverse effects the immune system, heart, liver, brain, spinal cord, kidneys….(basically all organs at a cellular level) is counter intuitive to the basic physiology of healing. Miraculous recoveries and unpredictable prognosis of current therapies are testament to how poorly this disease is understood and treated. Research is already here, someone needs to connect the dots. Multitude of causes work with many many variables and constants to churn out a balanced equation, which results in wellness. It’s not a linear equation. That explains why someone who has never smoked ends up with oral cancer while the 90 year old guy who smoked like a chimney is live and kicking. Just like antibiotic resistant bacteria, cancer cells come back stronger and more resistant to conventional treatment modalities. Doing more of the same is not going to render different results.

We focus on awareness of causes of cancer, prevention and early detection of oral cancer. The truth is, we all are in the cancer business. We are either contributing to it, profiting from it, evading it, preventing it, fighting it or surviving it. The onus lies in every individual’s hands. Think of a simple, elegant, sustainable solution. Being green, eating organic, having a healthy, wholesome lifestyle, is not a whole lot to ask. Little by little, a little becomes a lot. The Color Purple Project is a tribute to all beings that have survived cancer, even if it was for a day. We can either play victims or play survivors. The choice is ours.

Can we cure Cancer ? Sure can.

With a perspective,

Preet K. Sahota D.D.S
Comments and conversations are most welcome!


  1. Very well written piece. I agree with your views. Prevention is always better than cure. However once discovered one has no alternative but to try out integrated approach to fight out. Faith enthusiasm determination n fearlessness are vital for the battle to be warrior n winner. Best wishes, pa.

  2. Dear Preet,
    Thanks for being vulnerable and courageous. I can’t wait to read Raymond Francis’s book ‘ Never Fear Cancer again’. I couldn’t agree with you more. Kudos. Hugs and prayers to you and your Mom. Godspeed.

    • Thank you, Sarah. Sometimes, being vulnerable and courageous is the only option. I had no choice!
      With gratitude, Preet

  3. Great article Preet…… keep living ur passion……cheers….

    • Thank you, Dr. Braich.
      A friend in need is much appreciated. Cheers is my favorite ‘C’ word next to ‘chardi kalan ‘(ever ascending enthusiasm, the stuff revolutionaries are high on…).
      With gratitude,

  4. The issues are very well elucidated, particularly in “The ‘C’ Word” section. Awareness is as important as everything else and you’ve emphasized that point quite elegantly. I recently read this exposé that I think, corroborates your assertions: Keep “The Color Purple” Project flying.

    • Thank you, Dr. Das. Customized care with focus on causes is the key. It has to be comprehensive, if a cure is truly what the people (individuals and the Medical team), seek. It’s a complicated play, the most responsibility lies with the individual, for healthcare systems and nations are built of individuals.
      With gratitude, Preet

  5. Dear Preet,

    All the best to you and your family as you focus on your mother’s healing journey. Thank you for sharing your story, and your wisdom and strength with the rest of us.


  6. Beautifully written piece, as always. I am impressed by your “c” word paragraph doing all but name the dreaded ce-word. My mother lost both of her parents to cancer by the time she was 14 and never expected to see her 40th birthday. This year, she celebrated her 60th birthday in good health and is opening up to the preventative advice I have been spewing for years. My thoughts invoke a future of health and vitality for your dear mother. It is tough to take control of your toxic exposure in our toxic world but every effort is worthwhile. Keep up the fight. Your purple project is beautiful.

    • Thank you, Christina.

      You are one of the most inspiring women I know. I did use the old school dictionary for some C words! It helped with my anxiety, words are my meditation tool. I did say the word as in ‘can, Sir’. We just have to turn to the can-do survivor mode, moment to moment. And in turn propels us in the direction of wellness.
      With much love and gratitude, Preet

  7. You are absolutely right. We are all in the cancer business. My family has been affected quite shockingly in the past. I wish you all the courage in the world.


    • Thank you, Maria. There is no silver bullet for this menace, never was, never will be. Defence is the best offense, period. Thanks for walking the talk!
      With gratitude,