CEREC Dentistry

CEREC Dentistry allows you to have a tooth prepared and cemented with a crown all in one visit!

Smile Matters! is proud to offer CEREC dentistry in our office!

Traditionally, you’d have to wait for days at the very least to get a crown prepared, but now it can be done in just one day! We begin by preparing your tooth with traditional methods. We then take a digital impression of your tooth and design your new CEREC restoration with a state of the art CEREC CAD software that will allow us to customize the shape and fit perfectly.

While you wait our, the Cerec dentistry on-site milling machine will create your restoration. The milling unit takes about 15 minutes to create your restoration in an all ceramic, color matched material. Your new restoration is then fitted, polished and bonded in place.

What used to take days or even weeks to do can be accomplished at our offices in one afternoon! CEREC is definitely something to look into if you’re looking at some restorative work. Give us a call for more information, or follow this link to read more about CEREC dentistry.

Cerec Dentistry