Dr. Sahota practices Epigenetic Orthodontics. This is a revolutionary concept of orthodontics that elegantly ties the expression of the information, in human genome with the effects of it’s interactions with the environment. The pioneer and visionary behind this science is Professor G. Dave Singh DDSc PhD BDS, who has devised patented DNA Appliance System™ that allows a Dentist to harness the body’s natural ability for self-correction through gene-environmental interactions, using the developmental mechanisms that are encoded at the level of the human genome.

To trigger these mechanisms, the epigenetic protocol changes the oral environment by wearing the removable DNA ( Daytime Nightime Appliance) but only in the evening and through the night, when there is optimal release of the Growth Hormone.

It is completely painless, comfortable and practical therapy. It involves no surgery, no drugs or injections, relying instead on natural, physiologic processes, such as swallowing.

The benefits of Epigenetic orthodontics are:

  • Improving the alignment of the teeth and jaws
  • Improving Airway (Sleep Apnea) by non-surgical airway remodeling
  • Improvement in Facial symmetry by improvements in the mid-face and soft tissue contours
  • Improvement in TMD (temporo-mandibular joint disorder)

Dr.Sahota is a certified provider of the DNA Appliance system. She can perform a thorough evaluation to find out if the DNA Appliance™ can be of benefit. More information and peer reviewed studies can be sought at www.dnaappliance.com

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