Give Back a Smile Program

Give Back A Smile

Dr. Sahota, long standing member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which started the “Give back a smile” program where Dentists, Dental labs and Dental Suppliers volunteer their time, skills and resources to help victims of Domestic Violence, restore their smiles. Often, victims of abuse can suffer physically, mentally and financially. Broken front teeth is a common finding during physical abuse.

Restoring a smile can mean a small step toward restoring self confidence. We take care of our guests with compassion and understanding. The satisfaction from helping someone makes all the giving self-serving in a way.

To find out how to qualify for treatment with us or another AACD member Dentist please call or email us and we can get you connected to AACD.

“Changing lives, one smile at a time”

Revitalize Your Smile!

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