VersaWave Dental Laser

The VersaWave dental laser is a stress-free dental experience!

We can use VersaWave for procedures on soft tissue, such as cheeks, gums and tongue and to remove tooth decay. Little to no anesthesia is needed. There is less pain, bleeding and healing time involved with VersaWave laser and it is ideal for adults and children.

VersaWave is used for the following procedures in our office:

  • Aphthous ulcers can be treated for pain control and rapid healing in the early stages.
  • Tongue ties can be released using the laser, instead of the scalpel, for faster healing and minimal post operative discomfort. Tongue ties are important to release for proper development of the palate and proper swallowing.
  • Frenectomies (a frenum is a band of muscle on the inside of the lips). A high frenum attachment can cause gum recession and spacing between the teeth.
  • Gum recontouring can be done using the laser for cosmetic enhancement and improving symmetry.
  • Crown lengthening is sometimes needed to make the crown of the tooth longer for proper restoration, and it could involve just the gums or gums and bone. The Versa Wave makes it a comfortable, predictable procedure with faster healing compared to traditional methods.
  • Amalgam tattoo removal can be done using the laser. Amalgam tattoo refers to the dark gray discoloration of the gums caused during the removal of silver-mercury fillings by the silver-mercury dust of the filling being drilled out.
  • Decay removal can be done using the laser, needing little or no anesthetic, however, silver-mercury fillings cannot be removed using the laser
  • Periodontal Therapy can benefit greatly by the bactericidal properties of the laser for great healing.

VersaWave Dental Laser

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