Computerized Jaw Tracking

Computerized jaw tracking is used to precisely identify the relationship of the lower jaw (mandible) to the skull and to study its movements dynamically. This utilizes a tiny magnet affixed to the lower incisor teeth. A  light weight array with sensors track the path of the mandible in 3 dimensions by sensing the magnetic field changes. Through readings taken with the apparatus, we can provide better treat problems like TMJ muscle pain.

The data produced through electronic jaw tracking allows Dr. Sahota to study the jaw action during opening and closing motions, which can be recorded and replayed. A number of anomalies can be revealed that can be otherwise hard to discern, for e.g., a sudden slowdown of jaw velocity, invisible to the eye can alert to a clicking joint.

Computerized jaw tracking data is gathered to determine a “natural” or physiologic bite and verify that the patient’s path of opening and closing the mouth to the centric occlusion is on a physiologic trajectory.

Computerized Jaw Tracking

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