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The “C” word


Earlier this month, my mother was diagnosed with a life threatening cancer. As we began this journey of integrative healing, she urged us not to say the “C” word in her presence, due to the sheer fear it strikes. I share this personal struggle and suffering as an opportunity for contemplation and conversations. The “C” […]

Heavy Metal – Music to Your Ears?


Heavy metal can be music to your ears but not if it is beating the drums of havoc in the realm of human wellness.  Let’s visit a heavy metal called Mercury, the element used commonly and widely as the mixing agent for silver, tin and copper. Amalgam or silver fillings or silver-mercury alloy dental fillings […]

Price is right. Blog Bite/sitdown-version

Price is right. Once upon a time, there was a man named Price, who wrote a cautionary tale. That story has been re-told since, yet unheard of for a 100 years. My education was ‘Price-less’, there was no mention of this pioneer in Dental School. Upon graduation, I was left with more questions than answers […]

Price is right. Blog Bite/elevator pitch-version


Once upon a time, there was a man named Price, who told a cautionary tale. A tale that has been re-told for a 100 years, yet unheard of. My education was ‘Price-less’, there was no mention of his important body of work, in dental school. Oral health comes at a very expensive price today and […]

Breasts Were Designed for Nursing, Not Porn. Blog bite.


Reinventing the wheel may not be the brightest idea, nevertheless, it is perpetuated by clever marketing, driven by a capitalist agenda. Sell. Sell. Sell. Sell bottles with plastic nipples, formula, sterilizing supplies, carrying cases, sell plastic surgery etc, etc… a counter intuitive idea, to say the least. Let’s revisit the scientific evidence for breastfeeding  baby […]

A Testimonial in Sign Language!


Hi, my name is Brian Berry-Berlinski. I am excited because I love this dental place called Smile Matters. There are several reasons I am so fascinated with this place: the people are warm, the dentist is cool and funny. She invited me to take a brief tour of the office and to meet the people […]

What is TMJ and TMD?

What is TMJ?

TMJ is an acronym for temporomandibular joint.  This joint is found in front of either side of the ear right where the upper and lower jaws meet.  The TMJ is a typical ball and socket joint that allows you to open and close the mouth, frequently used in many everyday activities such as biting, chewing, […]